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Do i need to rating OSAP basically seek bankruptcy relief?

When weighing the options to deal with the debt, their vital that you think about the implications of your own prospective choice. Of a lot debtors search the help of an authorized Insolvency Trustee to rating a brand new initiate, which new start have a tendency to pertains to far more education to improve the money and you will full financial balances.

Therefore, we are prepared to deliver the following the overview regarding OSAP’s qualifications criteria since it makes reference to personal bankruptcy and you will individual proposals lower than. You will find the program instructions in their entirety right here.

Q #610: Maybe you have submitted to possess bankruptcy or initiated an associated enjoy? Q #611: Is your case of bankruptcy released? Note: A customers Offer try good “related experience” When you’re making an application for OSAP using your user proposition or case of bankruptcy you then ought to provide OSAP that have:

  1. A letter out of your Trustee appearing that none the us government away from Canada or even the State from Ontario is a collector on the bankruptcy proceeding or user offer; and
  2. Nothing of the OSAP money you will get will be seized to repay any loan providers.

Other bills on the government otherwise provincial government that were integrated on the current case of bankruptcy or individual proposition can get stop you from getting financial support away from OSAP.

If you happen to be deciding on OSAP and possess no other debts because of the government in that case your case of bankruptcy or suggestion should have no affect the job, because the Trustee can provide the necessary letter.

When you have in earlier times negotiated student loans as a consequence of a customers offer or personal bankruptcy shortly www.loanpaydaytoday.com/title-loans-nh/ after then you ought to provide facts these money have been released or paid-in complete.

If your past student loans were not discharged, paid-in full, otherwise it has been below three years since financing was indeed discharged otherwise paid in full you need to meet up with the following the eligibility criteria:

  1. Research that you have zero a fantastic college loans; or
  2. A letter from your educational institution confirming:
    1. You had been signed up for a medication program on a medication university once you recorded the project during the bankruptcy otherwise consumer suggestion;
    2. You will still end up being enrolled in an equivalent acknowledged system regarding study for which you have been enlisted at that time that you submitted the bankruptcy or consumer offer; and you may
    3. You haven’t got a rest for the knowledge regarding longer than half a year once the time your registered the personal bankruptcy otherwise consumer suggestion.
  1. Keeps paid back him or her
  2. Released him or her compliment of a last case of bankruptcy otherwise suggestion at the very least step 3 years back; or
  3. Stay static in a comparable program, in one school, without a break for the education greater than six months.

Put another way, OSAP will continue to render assistance to help you end good system that you’ve currently started in many cases, however, would not give financial support to have an alternate system till the present student education loans was basically paid otherwise this has been a little while (three-years) since they have been discharged. If you respond to “Yes” to one another inquiries #610 & #611 which means that you’ve been released off bankruptcy otherwise done your own consumer offer, you then need to simply promote a copy of your own bankruptcy proceeding browse abilities. You could get a duplicate of these show by visiting which web site, looking your own title, and you can purchasing $8.00 working of one’s Superintendent off Case of bankruptcy.


You’ll get application for OSAP accepted even immediately following filing for bankruptcy or and work out a customer suggestion. That said, new requirements are certain and it is vital that you see him or her in order to consider the choices properly.

Must i rating OSAP easily seek bankruptcy relief?

Everything over presents an overview of your own 2020-2021 OSAP eligibility criteria because it makes reference to bankruptcy and you may insolvency. Student loan qualifications requirements alter continuously, and Steve Welker and you may Company is perhaps not an expert with the qualifications criteria having college loans. For many who remain concerned about your own eligibility to own OSAP, we recommend contacting debt services office truly.

To discuss your position with a licensed Insolvency Trustee, call us, or submit all of our function. We’d be happy to review your circumstances and you may define the choices free of charge. Why don’t we charm you with a remind impulse.

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